Sunday, December 1, 2013

Xanthi Bar and Restaurant, Sydney Westfield

My excitable family made my last visit to Xanthi memorable, yet embarrassing, so it ended up being over a year until I returned - hoping not to be recognised as a member of that crazy clan. Thankfully, it was my gorgeous (and well-behaved in public) friend, the Fabulous Miss M, who I managed to talk into coming with me during one of our lunch catch-ups.

Miss M and I had so much to chat about that we hardly noticed the minutes tick by as we lingered by the front desk, waiting for the wait staff to greet and seat us. Ironically, we were comparing each of our last visits to hatted restaurants, where both of us had turned up under-dressed; only to look down at our attire and realise that nothing had changed. While anything more than jeans where I live is ridiculously over-dressed, I really must start choosing my attire more carefully when I come down to Sydney.

Once inside, we really needed more time than Miss M's lunchtime allowed to carefully construct our menu choices. Tempted by so much, we ended up going with a selection of dips with pita bread ($10), a lunch wrap ($17 with fries or salad) each, and belly-room or not, we would be having some dessert!

The food was even better than I remembered. The fresh, fluffy pita bread was gobble-able, and once smeared with some tarama, I was in love. The tzatziki, too was brilliant, with such a smooth, luscious texture that reminded me of the texture of labne, rather than runnier tzatzikis I've had in the past. The split pea rounded out the three, and while dill and I aren't the best of friends, it's inclusion in the split pea dip didn't stop me from enjoying it.

While I wouldn't normally order something similar to my dining companion, Miss M won me over when she suggested one of us ordering the pork belly lunch wrap, and the other the lamb wrap, so that we could have half of each. That kind of logic is never to be trifled with, and so two wraps, both with chips, made their way towards our table. 

I'm sure the salad that we could have chosen with the wraps, would have been fabulous, but those fries were happiness itself. They consisted of super fluffy innards and an extra crispy exterior, which were then seasoned perfectly with a dash of (what I believe was) paprika to round them off. 

Of the wraps, we both preferred the pork belly with its melty meat and greekslaw (shredded cabbage, carrot, apple, mayo), encased in warm pita! The lamb, in comparison, wasn't to our taste. After the pork, the lamb had a little too much boldness thanks to a strong hit of citrus, and I later realised that we may have been better off having one or the other, rather than sharing half of each!

Miss M, determined to have room for dessert, was considering leaving a lot of her wrap to the restaurant-leftovers-bin-in-the-sky, but our waitress anticipated her need, and offered to have it packaged for her to take home.

If the fries were happiness, these Greek Doughnuts (Loukoumi Loukomathes $14) were were balls of joy. The sugary spheres even included a hidden turkish delight and could be drooled with a coffee-chocolate sauce.

There's a certain contentment that comes from eating fabulous food, and this meal supplied it in spades. After treating ourselves to such a feast, it was only right that we accepted the extra $2 on our bill to help those less fortunate, through StreetSmart's DineSmart campaign which raises money for the homeless in the weeks leading up to Christmas. If you'd like to dine smarter and do your bit over the next few weeks, dine at Xanthi, or any of the other restaurants supporting this cause.

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Hotly Spiced said...

It's great that you had a fantastic dining experience at Xanthi. I've only heard good things about this restaurant. The dessert looks really good xx

chocolatesuze said...

omg those donuts! i want them i NEEEED them!!!

Shanshan Lam said...

ahh i've been wanting to try this place for ages! those doughnuts look sooo good!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

I adore Greek food and Xanthi is definitely one of my faves :) I'm not even one for sweets, but I want that doughnut!

Mary said...

I can assure you all that the doughnuts taste just as good as they look! I'm the same as you, Tina.... don't usually eat many sweets, but I want more of these!

muppy said...

Those donuts look great. I love they are supporting a cause too.

Amanda@ChewTown said...

Wow! It all looks excellent. I'm loving the "gobble-able" pita. :)

Mary said...

Yeah - we could have happily made a meal just of the pita and dips....