Friday, February 15, 2013

Anonymous Cafe, Blackheath

At last! A Blue Mountains post! You'd think I would have posted a review earlier, but it took me a little while to find my foodie-feet in the Mountains. I really wanted my first post to be about a place that excited me. Enter Anonymous.

After opening in the middle of last year, Anonymous quickly gained a reputation among coffee-snobs (boy included), but whenever I was in the neighbourhood the venue was always packed full of customers. Thankfully, boy and I persevered, and recently we found a table for a late lunch.

At the moment, the cafe is tiny.** Able to fit 18 at a squeeze, the 'kitchen' (consisting of a fridge, bench, sink and 2-burner hotplate) is open along one side of the space. Customers rub elbows with their neighbours and try not to have conversations worth eavesdropping as they wait for their orders. Soon however, the second, yet-to-be-revealed half of the cafe should be opening and will hopefully ease some of the current congestion. ** [2nd half open! Hurrah!]

Scrambled eggs with herbed tomato, proscuitto, capsicum relish and sourdough $14.50
Haloumi, hummus, sugar snap peas and bean sandwich with mint and chickpeas $9.50

Hello pretty brunch eating! Boy's breakfast dish (available all day) has a similar make-up to many breakfast dishes elsewhere, but the execution sets it apart. Perfect scrambled eggs, yummy prosciutto and fabulous sourdough had me swiping food from boy's plate with increasing regularity.

Of course, I soon realised that I needed to defend myself from his attacks on my sandwich. To tell the truth, I wasn't sure about my choice when I ordered. Haloumi and hummus is always going to be a winner, but I wasn't particularly interested in the peas and beans. How little I know.

The haloumi, as expected, brought fabulous saltiness, which the beans, peas and mint balanced. The chickpeas, having been toasted with the haloumi for a few minutes in the frypan, also added texture and an extra dimension. Altogether, it is a brilliant sandwich combo that will now be included in the Jelly household's lunch rotation. The only thing I will be changing from Anonymous' version will be to add the (perfectly cooked) peas and beans to the frypan as well, just to take the chill off them after they come out of the fridge.

Coffee-snacks (or in our case, dessert) at Anonymous are also of a high standard. Their muffins are packed full of fruit and other goodies, and the brownie is devourable, too. Definitely worth a visit, and with their changing, seasonal menu I can see myself becoming a regular.

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Nic said...

Any inside scoop as to when the 2nd half of the place will be ready? :)

Mary said...

Hehehe. Not sure I'd include it if I did have a date - the poor locals should get first dibs on the new space. ;)

Amanda@ChewTown said...

Sounds like a great cafe! And also sounds like it definitely needs the renovation. Look forward to hearing more about the food available in the Blue Mountains!