Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yume Sushi, North Strathfield

I've embarked on a bit of a Japanese kick, in a fast-paced bid to decrease my ignorance. Now that I know to be supremely picky regarding what restaurants I choose to continue my education at, I am happily splashing around in the Japanese cuisine pool.

My research brought me to Yume Sushi, which seems to be in the midst of taking over the Inner West. Its first location in the city had to make way for Sydney Westfield and so they moved to Drummoyne in 2009, before now expanding with a new restaurant at North Strathfield, and another one soon to open in Gladesville.

Boy and I walked in to the North Strathfield location at 6:45pm on a Friday night, and while still early, we were a little disconcerted to be greeted by a completely empty restaurant. The friendly waitstaff put us at ease, and as the clock ticked on with no other diners appearing, I kept reminding myself that I had done my research and I hadn't made a huge mistake.

Soft shelled crab fritter $11.90
Wagyu beef kushi yaki (skewer) $5.90
Prawn Tempura Hand Roll $4.50
Chicken Teriyaki $12.90
Oyaku Don $13.90

As soon as we started eating, we knew we had made the right decision. The soft shelled crab and wagyu beef starters were both superbly cooked. While I've had soft shell crab that had a more exciting dressing, this one was still of a high standard, and as I gobbled the starters I kept whispering to boy that it was really good.

By the time our starters were joined by the sushi hand roll there was a grand total of four diners in the restaurant, with a slow, but steady stream of takeaway customers coming through the doors. We had opted for white rice with our sushi, rather than their default option of brown, and it was on biting the sushi that my excitement grew. There's a special excitement that a food blogger has (or maybe it's just me?) when they're eating something fabulous and new. I have never had sushi that tasted so fresh - from the nori wrapper to the lightly battered prawn that had practically just jumped out of the ocean, it was delightful. Sadly, the shape of hand roll sushi - almost cone-like rather than cylindrical - makes eating the roll a little more difficult than usual, but I will gladly 'suffer' the eating difficulty to consume some more of their sushi, or next time order one of the other styles of sushi instead!

The Oyaku Don was our other favourite dish, with a fabulous goobery egg that could be mixed through the rice and chicken. The dish came steaming hot and the chicken fresh from the pan.

I really hope this new restaurant takes off. Their food is definitely worthy of more customers, and the restaurant has some quirky decor that really works.

Yume Sushi
203 Concord Road
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