Monday, January 28, 2013

Step-A-Side Diner, Cabramatta

I'm a sucker for a diner. A booth seat, fried fabulousness and a hit of nostalgia will get me every time. So when I read Helen's post about Step-A-Side diner recently, I knew I needed to experience it for myself. Luckily, I was able to rustle up a group of locals who were only too happy to celebrate Australia day by enjoying a taste of America.

The diner is pretty easy to spot. Situated on the corner of the Hume Highway and Cabramatta Road, it stands in all its train-carriage glory.

Once inside, we sit back and enjoy the ambience. Every once in awhile a new track comes on from the jukebox and songs from years-gone-by start our toes tapping. They've even thought of little touches, like the condiments (ketchup, not tomato sauce, of course!) being contained in an old record that has been bent into the shape of a holder.

Perusing the menu, my eyes are immediately caught by the words 'creaming soda'! Plain, or in the form of a spider (boy insists the correct terminology is 'float'), this is diner-gold. Despite reading a recent article in the paper on the dangers of sugar, most of our group can't resist and the sugar-rush begins.

Chicken burger with chips $16.50
Cheeseburger with beetroot (It was Australia Day, after all!) $11.50
Hotdog with cheese $6
Chorizo Po' Boy $12.50
Plate of garlic fries $8

Of the food, the burgers and garlic fries received the most praise. Why haven't garlic fries taken off? Garlic makes everything better! Crispy fries, flavoured with herb and garlic, with the perfect amount of salt, had us all going back for more. Add to that an extra hit of garlic in the aioli on the side, and we couldn't get enough despite being thoroughly full. However, if I could change one thing about those fries, it would be that they had a bit more substance to the potato. Sometimes fries manage to be so fluffy on the inside that it no longer feels like you're eating potato, and if I'm going to manage to kid myself that I was having a serving of vegetable, I prefer the slightly-less-fluffy variety. However, if vegetables was what I was after, I should not have ordered a hotdog.

Po' Boys, I now know, are a style of sandwich (or sub) that originated in New Orleans. Shortened from 'poor boy' after those who ate them, these sandwiches can contain a variety of fillings, but must be made with good quality fresh French bread. Boy's chorizo po' boy, with jalepeno, tomato, lettuce, onions and mustard, certainly fit the bill, and I couldn't help but notice how fresh his baguette looked, in comparison to my hot dog bun. I wasn't game enough to try too much of his meal, however, because it was brimming with jalepenos! He polished off the lot, and mentioned that the flavours were well-matched.

Overall, the food was super tasty and exactly what you'd want or expect from diner food. Step-A-Side manage to keep close to American diner food while still catering for their Australian customers by making beetroot optional, as well as having kangaroo and barramundi on the menu! The experience as a whole is fun. I can imagine a child who loves trains to be in heaven dining in this converted carriage, and even adults find  they are whisked back a couple of decades and reacquainted with their inner (creaming soda drinking) child.

Step-A-Side Diner
Step-A-Side Diner on
40 Roebuck Street

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