Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Shanghai, Chatswood Chase

Boy and I have been saying our goodbyes.... or something along those lines. We've just moved up to the land of Devonshire Tea and snowfalls in October. We'll be having a fun lifestyle change, but it does leave me in a bit of a pickle regarding my blog posts, so I thought I'd ask you friendly reading people your opinion on where I should go from here...

1. More recipes (which will probably happen regardless, as I have a glut of ideas that I haven't had time to tinker with lately)
2. Find out all the fabulous haunts up in the mountains and ruin them for the locals by letting all of you in on the hidden gems!
3. Insist that I must have a weekly visit to the city in order to stuff my belly, in which case the blog will continue with similar content.
4. Any other options?

Meanwhile, we've been having plenty of 'final meals', a lot of which seem to be including dumplings. One such meal was at New Shanghai in Chatswood Chase. I've previously been to Ashfield (now with a new look), and Lemon Grove, so I was interested to see what the Chatswood Chase option was like.

Xiao long bao (above) - steamed mini pork bun
Pan fried pork dumpling (right)
Salt and pepper calamari
Deep fried chicken with garlic and chilli sauce
Shepherd's purse and pork wonton in sesame butter nd chilli sauce
Braised pork belly
Pan fried pork bun
Greens with garlic

So I may have over-ordered. Those who aren't as hardened in gluttony as I am may have been seen rolling home, but nothing was expendable from that list of dishes! Dish after dish of delectable morsels arrived at the table, and I was in foodie heaven.

The xiao long bao, the cornerstone of any good Shanghai eatery, was soupy deliciousness. While the wrappers don't quite have the delicacy of Din Tai Fung, they hold the soup beautifully and didn't come to the table quite as tongue-burningly hot as at some other places (which my tongue appreciated).

While the xiao long bao doesn't have the edge on Din Tai Fung, it is my opinion that New Shanghai have a superior menu overall, with a greater range of dumplings and a lot of quality mains from which to choose. Their pan fried dumplings are fabulous, calamari perfectly cooked, and the deep fried chicken with garlic and chilli sauce was also well-executed.

For me, the dish that piqued my interest was the one I haven't had before - the Shepherd's purse and pork wonton with sesame butter and chilli oil. Not knowing what Shepherd's purse was, I felt that was the perfect reason to order it, and have since found out that it is a 'relatively unpalatable' herb (thank you herbiguide.com.au). Luckily, I had no such knowledge before eating it, because these dumplings were delicious. The filling (with the Shepherd's purse in it) didn't seem to have a particular flavour I wasn't used to, but the winner, for me, was the additions on top of the dumplings. Sesame butter (which tastes like peanut butter), chilli oil and cucumber set off a flavour bomb of yum. Careful with those chilli seeds though! We may have had a grown man crying as a result of a cluster's power.

 The last two dishes of the night were the pork belly and the steamed pork buns. Both with great flavours, and hitting the high notes of melty belly and fluffy/crunchy buns, they rounded out a wonderful meal. While there are many great Shanghai restaurants around Sydney now, I may have settled on my favourite. New Shanghai, with its consistency across a range of dishes (and locations), may just be my winner. If only their next restaurant was located in the mountains!

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant  on Urbanspoon New Shanghai
Chatswood Chase
345 Victoria Ave

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Hotly Spiced said...

I keep hearing great things about this restaurant in Chatswood Chase so I must go there. So you've moved to the Blue Mountains! I hope you're settling in quickly. Hopefully that's it for the snow for this season. I would love to see a bit more of everything! xx