Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Green Peppercorn, Fairfield

Hello lovely people that read! I'm so sorry I haven't blogged for awhile - I blame a combination of holidays and moving house - or packing to move. I do have lots of stories to tell, however, so look out for some fun posts to come.

Before going away on holiday, boy and I finally made our way to Fairfield (thanks to a bit of encouragement from the ShoeFairy), to the Green Peppercorn restaurant in the Fairfield Hotel. We've been meaning to go there since it opened mid-year, but somehow never got around to it until recently. The reason we were so interested in Green Peppercorn is because it is the little brother to the Holy Basil phenomenon in Canley Heights. The siblings of the owner of Holy Basil have branched out on this new venture, and so you can expect some of the favourites from their brother's restaurant to make it onto the menu here, also.

Mixed entree $9.90
Crispy pork belly with stir-fried kang-kong $18.90
Soft shell crab $16.90
Paradise bliss
Fried ice cream

Now while I would love to jump straight to dessert, I should probably start at the beginning. Walking into the restaurant, you can tell that they've taken a lot of care with the decor. It's an enormous space that they're working with, and it's broken up well by a long high-backed bench seat running down the length of the restaurant, as well as statues and a tuk-tuk brightening the space.

Not knowing what to decide for an entree, we went with a mixed one - giving us the opportunity to try a spring roll, fish cake, curry puff and the deep fried chicken wing. These were paired with a sweet chilli dipping sauce that brought the fish cake (in particular) to life. My favourite of the options was the chicken wing. Marinated and then (incredibly lightly) battered, I could have happily devoured a plate of these.

Ahh, soft shell crab! How I heart thee. Being the selfless person that I am, I automatically went for the most enormous piece of crab on the plate (double the size of some others), dipped it into 'mum's special sauce' (a delight!), and dug in. Unfortunately I was met, halfway through, by uncooked crab. All the sensible sized pieces were well-cooked so I guess it serves me right for being greedy!

The pork belly was boy's favourite. Normally not a pork belly fan, he was won over by the super crispy layer of skin, with only a tiny layer of fat underneath. I enjoyed it also, but as previous sauces had been so fabulous, I had hoped for a little more sauce on the plate to rub the pork in. The 'asian water spinach' was a great addition, and I had to have a giggle that there is no reference to one of its more common names of 'morning glory'.

Finally onto dessert, and the choice is paralysing. Ranging from ~$10-$15, there are more authentic Lao/Thai choices, fusion options, or enormous sundaes. The three of us went with an enormous sundae and the fried ice cream that Holy Basil has made famous. Fried ice cream is as good as we expected, and the sundae was great also. Being 'healthy', we chose the fruity paradise bliss sundae, but I think I'd prefer to go with a different option next time.

While I'd happily go back for their food again (there are at least 15 more desserts to try), I hope that they can iron out some of the kinks in their operation. At one point our meal felt like a regressive dinner, with mains coming before entrees, which came before my drink (fabulous lychee and strawberry smoothie). Service, also, needs some stream-lining, as it was difficult to wave down waitstaff at times, and then a road-runner waitress who zooms in to clear empty plates almost before we'd finished with them at others.

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