Saturday, September 15, 2012

O Bal Tan, Sydney CBD

I blame Ma Jelly for the fact that I'm a bit of an anti-joiner. She is forcefully individual, and seems to have no shame in what others may consider crazy antics. I, while not as openly crazy, do shy away from popular trends, which usually means I'm the last to work out that a trend is no longer a trend, but a lifestyle. My anti-joining tendencies saw me being one of the last of my cohort to have a mobile phone, join facebook, and now join twitter. Each time I have sworn that I wouldn't 'join', only to find once I did yield, that I was ridiculous for holding out so long.

Twitter, I now realise, is a blogger's friend, and it was through twitter that I found out about this blogger outing to O Bal Tan with a bunch of fabulous people. Hurrah! 

O Bal Tan specialises in Korean BBQ, and since I am still on my L plates with Korean food, all I know is that it was yum! 

Combination plate A (beef brisket, beef skirt, beef ribs without bones and pork belly) ~ $68 
Vegetable plate

Even before the ordering began, there were a couple of starter type dishes and dipping sauces on the table. Among them was kimchi, a potato/macaroni salad (that's the Korean name, of course!), mini pancakes, chilli sauce, and other nibbles. 

 As you can see, the emphasis seems to be on meat....

But we managed to find some vege too.

When the plates of food come out the fun begins and you get cooking. Each diner has their own batch of dipping sauces, and of course, as you're the one doing the cooking, the meat will be exactly how you like it. For us, the combination plate and vegies was a good amount of food for four people. Others, further down the table, had ordered some more adventurous plates (like intestines), but sadly?! they never made it to my end. However, I did manage to have some squid, and it was lip-numbingly tasty. 

Definitely a good activity for groups, it was a great meal with great company. 

363A Pitt Street

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Missy Piggy said...

I was meant to go this - bummed that I didn't as it looks so yummy. Those pancakes look pretty tasty!

Anonymous said...

OOH YUM. Do they have any seafood to BBQ?