Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mekong Noodle Bar, Leichhardt

Apparently emotional eaters fall into two categories - comfort eaters (eating associated with negative emotions), and happy eaters (eating associated with positive emotions). I have the dubious joy of being both. A bad day at work entitles me to eat something bad for me. Of course, a good day at work needs to be celebrated with a tasty treat, so I'm lucky that I'm not the size of a house by now.

Lately, I've been 'medicating' stressful workdays by meeting boy for a quick lunch. A couple of weeks ago we stumbled upon Mekong Noodle Bar at the Parramatta Road end of Norton Street. Like so many good 'hole-in-the-wall' discoveries, we were heading somewhere else, but the number of people crowding into this little eatery piqued our curiosity and cut our journey short.

Over two visits we tried a couple of different lunchtime options. Most of the lunch dishes are priced between $8-9, and consist of soups, noodles, stir fries and fried rice. Their dinner menu is more extensive.
Sweet chilli and cashew nut chicken
Prawn green curry
Chicken pad thai
Satay Beef

Look at the amount of cashews on that plate! Heaven! I've had many renditions of cashew chicken with chilli in the last couple of years. What I loved about this one was that the chilli jam didn't seem as overpowering compared to others I've had. I felt like this dish was 'fresher' as a result, and really enjoyed it.

The green curry was delicious - smooth, creamy and spicy. At one point I managed to steal a prawn from under boy's nose, and while the curry was divine, the prawn wasn't the highlight. I had Gary and George (from Masterchef) in my head telling me that I shouldn't be served a prawn with a 'poop chute'.
I blame my food snobbery on the plethora of cooking television shows!

The other stir fry we tried, the satay beef, was probably the weakest of the dishes we tried. While still tasty, the beef probably let the dish down, as it seemed to be a little too chewy. Had I gone with chicken or BBQ pork, perhaps I would've enjoyed it more.

The chicken pad thai was a standout. While each dish was tasty, the pad thai was ridiculously good and an absolute winner. Perfectly cooked chicken, tasty noodles, happy campers.

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Hotly Spiced said...

Those prices are so very reasonable. Amazing that you can enjoy a meal for less than $10.00. Shame the beef was a bit chewy! Always best to stick with chicken when the price is cheap! xx

Missy Piggy said...

I'm both kinds of eater too...but sadly the size of a small house (a 3 bedroom house I'd say). Looks like a great find for lunch.