Friday, July 13, 2012

Fish & Co., Annandale

I'm a lazy environmentalist. Actually, I'm not quite sure if such a thing can exist, but if it can, I'm it. I do care about the world we live in, and try to buy products that care for it, but don't really go out of my way (or wallet) to source organic fruit and vegetables, or food from sustainable sources. I quite like the idea of sustainable seafood, and have had a brief look at what fish I should be buying, but it's much easier to get a more in-depth lesson in a passive manner while eating yummy food.

Luckily, such an opportunity presented itself, when through no effort on my part, some friends from boy's work took us to Fish & Co. I was excited to be unexpectedly crossing off somewhere from my 'restaurant to do list', and was able to reply in the affirmative when our friends asked if we'd heard of this sustainable seafood cafe.

Upon walking in, the cafe has a really calm ambience. At least it did at 11:45 on a Sunday morning as they were between the brunch and lunch crowds! Taking in my surrounds took some time, as there are cool fittings to check out (the foam stuck to the underside of our table had me puzzled for awhile), as well as a decent amount of writing stuck up around the room on butcher's paper and on glass. Let the passive learning begin!

Hanoi prawn cakes with herbs and Vietnamese dipping sauce - $18.50 
Grilled fish of the day with a warm shallot and tomato dressing. Served with a choice of side dish - $27 Vegetarian spaghetti with roasted red peppers, zucchini and black olives - $22.50 
other dishes around the table included: 
 Creamy sustainable fish pie with a shredded potato crust and baby spinach - $33 
Saffron paella with organis mussels, Spencer Gulf prawns, cuttle fish and herbs - $32

As I began to read the menu I was distressed that I wasn't very hungry. My body was still in food-shock from the amount of food I'd eaten the night before, and it was still quite early for lunch, according to my body clock. Thankfully, I could manage the idea of one of the prawn cakes as an entree, and gobbled it down when it arrived. Our friendly waiter instructed us to make sure we got 'a bit of everything' with each mouthful, and the cakes took on another dimension with the addition of fresh herbs (mint, basil etc.), lemon (of course!), and the dipping sauce. Mmmmm.

My choice for the main was the grilled fish of the day. I learnt (more learning!) that I would be eating the Coorong Yellow Eye, which has a buttery quality and is high in omega 3. I paired it with some hand cut chips and my plate also included some ridiculously good tartare. I'm sorry about the angle of this photo - the plating looked so much better than I've managed to make it look. Unfortunately I was blinded by the deliciousness that was set down before me, and so took the picture as quickly as possible. 

I inhaled that plate of food. Sometimes you go somewhere and your eyes are opened to how delicious certain foods should be. This was one of those moments. I had no thought, as I was eating, of the other dishes on the table, so fully was I ensconced in my meal, but I can safely say that all dishes were wiped clean and everyone was pleased with their choice. 

I am not a seafoodie. I grew up hating fish, and am only just learning to like certain seafoods, but I would happily go back and try everything on Fish & Co.'s menu, because I trust that they know what they're doing.

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Hotly Spiced said...

I think the food here looks and sounds great. What a fabulous place to go for a weekend lunch. Love the sound of the fish cakes xx

MissPiggy said...

Ok, I'm dying to kno why they had foam under the tables...did you find out?

Mary said...

According to, it's to dampen the sound bouncing around the restaurant. Makes sense!