Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Da Vinci's Italian Restaurant, Summer Hill

Apparently boy and I are an oddity. Actually, I know we're odd, but my concern at the moment is regarding haircuts. We get them done together at the same salon. Is this weird? There is good reason for it! The main one is due to boy having hair that is ridiculously hard to cut. If slightly too much is taken off, his hair takes on a life of its own and sticks up in 50 different directions. So finding him a hairdresser who understands his hair is a difficult undertaking, and it just so happened that the place where we found such a person was at my hairdressing salon.

There is a happy side effect to our together-in-hair time. We find ourselves in Summer Hill at just about the right time for dinner. It's no use just heading home to cook dinner with hair so fabulous, so we head out - usually in the direction of dumplings at Ashfield.

This time, however, armed with an Entertainment Book voucher, we decided to go no further than Da Vinci's for some pizza.

Da Vinci's is the kind of place that reminds me of my childhood. One of those suburban eateries which acts as a meeting point for all the local clans. Boy and I find ourselves ushered in and sitting next to a table with a couple on one side, and on the other a table with 4 pre-teen girls having fabulous catchup. I was musing how kids grow up so fast nowadays when I realised that these youngsters weren't left completely to their own devices. Two of their mothers were having their own meal at another table, a safe distance further down the restaurant. Brilliant!

The service was crazily efficient, and friendly to boot. We found ourselves munching away at a triumph of a garlic bread within minutes, and salivating at the idea of pizza.

Calabrese Pizza

We came to a compromise with the pizza. Boy was after the Mexicana, with pepperoni and chilli, but I liked the idea of a Calabrese with some sun-dried tomato and artichoke. So we got the Calabrese!

The pizza had a good hearty base, without the finesse of some of the pizza bases in Haberfield. I enjoyed the toppings, but did find there to be too much oil for my liking. I decided that a pizza with less toppings may lead to less oil, so I'm tempted to grab a quick pizza at another stunning hair moment and try boy's mexicana to see if I need to make use of the phrase, "you were right, dear".

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Summer Hill

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Hotly Spiced said...

This restaurant sounds great especially if you're teenage girls bursting for a catch-up. Sensibly, the mothers sat themselves elsewhere! What wonderful looking pizza. I would have wanted the calabrese too! xx