Thursday, April 19, 2012

Leura Garage, Leura

Every once in awhile I ditch my restaurant-researching persona when going to eat out, and instead pick a restaurant just by driving past. One such instance was when we were in Leura for the weekend. We drove down the main street, with nothing leaping out at us as particularly popular until we took a turn off into a side street and saw Leura Garage so packed that people were spilling out into the street. Luckily there was just one more table indoors that we squeezed our way into - creating conversation with our neighbours as I apologised for my backside coming far too close to their faces as I tried (and failed) to squeeze by daintily.

Not knowing what to expect, we took a quick look around the menu and tables around us to see what was on offer and settled on getting a pizza and some of the share plates.

Buffalo mozzarella and basil pizza
Steak with truss tomatoes (share plate)
Roasted heirloom vegetables (share plate)

The pizza was great.  The base was crisp, the flavours good and it was soon demolished.

The share plates were also delicious. My favourite for the night was the scotch fillet steak, which was cooked exactly as we ordered and melt-alicious, and the heirloom vegetables were roasted perfectly. Sadly, the vegies had too much salt for our taste, which was the one disappointment, foodwise.

Service, however, had us both unpleasantly surprised. I used to be a laid back diner, not caring about service, but this is the second time recently that I've come across attitude in a waiter. I'm not quite sure why you would enter a service industry if you feel you are above serving people, but our waiter (no others, just ours!) deemed us to be unworthy of polite attention, instead serving us with an attitude of contempt before making conversation with one table of diners while we waited and waited to pay our bill. We finally gave up and took our bill to the counter where another (lovely) waiter looked after us.

Food at Leura Garage is definitely worth dropping in for, I just hope you don't have our bad luck with the waitstaff.

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muppy said...

How disappointing the waiter let you down. the pizza looks great, i love when you stumble and find, normally when i choose a random place to eat i'm disappointed.

Hotly Spiced said...

It's great to know there's a good pizza place in Leura. What a shame about the waiter! Isn't it terrible the way the food and the atmosphere can be so amazing but one snooty waiter can ruin what would otherwise be a wonderful night out. xx

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

We've got this on our list for our next Blue Mountains visit. But a shame about the service though! Sounds awful and nobody needs to be given attitude like that :(

Mary said...

Exactly! Had we just been seated in another section we would only have positive things to say! The vibe and food really are lovely.