Saturday, March 17, 2012

East Ocean Restaurant, Haymarket

A couple of friends of mine were at the Hillsong Colour Conference at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and, as the conference had a break between 2:30pm and about 6pm, invited me to meet them for Lunner (or is in Dinch?) - the afternoon version of Brunch. I, however, had other ideas, and decided that adding a fourth meal to the day (Lunch #2) was a better option. Hello 2 kilos.

Mmmm........Egg tart
BBQ pork buns

Yum cha was the perfect option for my second lunch, and East Ocean was the one that popped out at us after we went a block back from Chinatown's super-busy mall.

Being almost 3pm, we were able to walk straight in and grab a table. On it was a picture menu which made me remember that East Ocean is an order-your-dishes-first yum cha establishment, much like most yum cha restaurants in Hong Kong now. The pictures are incredibly helpful, making it easy to order your favourites without missing it because you don't know its name or description. Since there were only 3 of us, we thought we'd start with 6 savoury options and 1 dessert, and if we hadn't ordered enough, then we could do another round of ordering on the menu card provided.

Vegetarian dumpling

The food here is good. The dumpling wrappers and steamed flour rolls are a good texture and not too thick, also being cooked well. They have quite a few options on the menu that are only rarely (if ever) seen at other yum cha restaurants I've been to, so we were able to enjoy a duck steamed flour roll, and the vegetarian dumplings (pictured) included finely chopped mushrooms, which was a nice change to only greens.

Other notables were the deep fried crescents, as they had more of a sweetness to them than I've had elsewhere (which didn't win me over), but also had lovely large pieces of prawn inside, rather than just a minced filling.

The egg tarts were beautiful and glossy and, as with everything else, came out from the kitchen fresh and hot and delicious.

Deep fried crescents with pork and seafood
Sadly, the service does not have the same standard as the food. Waving down the waiter began to become an exercise routine, and we were dealt with brusquely, as if they were too busy to serve us.

East Ocean Restaurant
421/429 Sussex Street

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chocolatesuze said...

shame about the service but mmm egg tarts

Hotly Spiced said...

A lot of my friends were at the Hillsong Colour Conference too. I've never been but have only ever heard great things. That is a shame about the service but the food does look really good and who doesn't love Yum Cha! xx