Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thai Tables, Hornsby

Before taking the trek up to my old stomping ground, I did my homework on where to eat in Hornsby - checking the reviews of different restaurants. I had my list of where I had deemed 'good enough' to try, and nowhere on the list was Thai Tables. My best laid plans came unstuck during the 'where do we go for dinner' conversation with locals Mr T. and his fabulous lady. They managed, unknowingly, to toss aside all my plans and took no notice of my (possibly too subtle) hints - instead steering us in the direction of Thai Tables. Let's just say I'm glad they did, and I have learnt my lesson. When faced with the reviews vs. local knowledge in the future, I will trust local knowledge.

Moneybags (a special)
Spring rolls
Massaman lamb
Crispy basil beef
Honey chicken

As we entered the door Mr T, and the rest of the party in his wake, were greeted like honoured guests. It turns out that boy and I were dining with regulars!

The first food to come out was the moneybags and spring rolls. The wrappers on both were beautifully crisp and crunchy, but I did get a surprise when biting into the moneybags. It was almost like they'd put samosa mix into the moneybags, rather than the chicken mince mixture I was expecting. It was still tasty, and was boy's preference of the two entrees. The beautifully fat spring rolls, filled to the brim with pork mince and vermicelli was my clear favourite of the two. It's been a long time since I've had a spring roll that looked and tasted so freshly made.

My choice, the massaman, soon made its way to the table, and was well received by all. The lamb was perfectly tender and was served among creamy fabulousness. This dish at thai tables, along with the likes of some lamb kebabs elsewhere, are starting to make boy realise that he's not as against lamb as he previously thought. He was in raptures over the curry (perhaps a slight exaggeration, but he's usually so understated that I interpret a very positive comment as 'raptures'!).

The honey chicken, to me, did not live up to the same standard as the other dishes we ate. The lack of batter (or very little of it) in this deep fried dish meant that the chicken wasn't as juicy as it could be.

The crispy basil beef, however, was a triumph. Whatever the chicken was lacking in juiciness, the beef more than compensated for, as it was super tender and cooked to perfection (I've been watching too much MKR!). The basil added some melt-in-the-mouth crispiness, and under the generous pile of beef there was a really decent amount of vegetables, and more than enough cashews to make us all happy.

Thanks Mr T. for sharing your local knowledge. The experience we had certainly deserves a higher rating than the current accumulated score on eatability.

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Hotly Spiced said...

I do like the look of that crispy basil beef. That is a Thai dish I haven't had before. Love the look of the basil on top of the beef. Looks like a great place to go for Thai food.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to some reviews of some eateries in McMahon's Point. I love your recommendations, but don't get as far afield as you do!