Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tommy's Beer Cafe, Glebe

It has been brought to my attention recently that I have not done my duty to you, dear readers, by leaving the entire restaurant population of Glebe off my tasting platter. So, in order to rectify this situation I did a bit of homework on the subject before roping in boy and She-who-makes-an-entrance (my sister) to drink beer for me at Tommy's. I have no idea why Tommy's stood out for me to try, considering I don't drink beer, don't like beer, and don't know much about the stuff. It's not without trying, mind you. I have even been known to attend the Australian Beer Festival (somewhat grandiosely named considering it's only held at one hotel) to see if I could find a beer I liked, but to no avail.

It only took one beer for Tommy's to bring me around. Hello Franziskaner weiss beer! This unique beer is the result of a high proportion of wheat malt and higher carbonation (it's amazing how knowledgeable you can sound when you read a menu!). For those, like me, who don't really like how beer tastes, I'd recommend giving this a go. The Franziskaner also turned out to be boy's favourite beer of the night, but unfortunately he wasn't able to put it up to the test against the "best beer in the world", the delirium tremens, as they had run out. 

Potato marjoram pancakes
Hungarian veal goulash with dumplings
Sausage platter with mashed potato, sauerkraut, onions and beer jus

While we waited (and waited) for She-who-makes-an-entrance, we ordered some potato pancakes to keep our beer company. Sadly, this was an inauspicious start to our meal, as for some reason the combination of the marjoram in the pancake and the aioli reminded both of us of seafood, and not in a good way. Having already fallen in like with the feel of Tommy's, we were sure that there were better things to come.

Finally we gave up waiting for my sister-dear and ordered our mains about five minutes before she breezed in and needed soothing after a frazzling Sydney peak hour driving experience.
Thanks to the very efficient and friendly waitstaff, her 'snake bite' lager came quickly with her goulash following hot on the heels of our mains. Both boy and my entrance-maker got the special of the day, the goulash, and both plates were wiped clean with the handy dumplings.

Sausage Platter - with a bit of bonus pork crackling on top!
   My sausage platter was a triumph. Being a food-blogger, I'm not sure I'm meant to admit to this, but I adore frankfurts. I grew up in a ridiculously healthy family, and frankfurts were one of our 'treat/naughty' meals to have. At youth group and parties, when cocktail frankfurts were on offer I would hover at that end of the table and scoff them down. So imagine my delight when I saw a dish with three types of sausage - one frankfurt, one german bratwurst and a swiss bratwurst!
The sides also drew my interest, as I don't often have sauerkraut, and the idea of beer jus was a winner. Not only was the idea of it a winner, but the jus was outstanding. It was the perfect accompaniment for each of the three sausages and a mouthful of sausage, jus and mash was divine. Boy (of German descent) wasn't particularly impressed with the sauerkraut, as it didn't have enough of a tang, but perhaps they're catering for the Aussie tastebud.

I can't speak highly enough of Tommy's waitstaff. Attentive and friendly, they create a laid back atmosphere that encourages one to settle in and let conversation take over. I don't know if they are able to foster such a low-key vibe on a weekend as the small space gets packed out, but I'm willing to go back and educate myself in order to let you know.

Tommy's Beer Cafe
Tommy's Beer Cafe on
123 Glebe Point Road

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Hotly Spiced said...

I love potato pancakes. Yes, there are some grate places to eat in Glebe and this seems to be one of them.