Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holy Basil, Canley Heights

Dear Food-lovers,

Get your backsides to Holy Basil and have some fried ice cream. Your tastebuds will thank you. 

Thanks to the ShoeFairy, I can now die a happy woman. She invited boy and I to make a journey back to my old neighbourhood and eat with her at Holy Basil. As we turned into Canley Vale Road I mentioned that it should be somewhere on the left soon. I then saw a hoard of people out on the pavement and my heart sank, realising that the hoard must have had the same idea as us at 6:20pm on a Saturday. Thankfully, Holy Basil have a good system (despite no bookings), and so we placed our name on the list (with our mobile number) and made ourselves comfortable. Even better, 20 minutes into our wait, out came a waiter with a plate of soft shell crab. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I have no words. It was so ridiculously good. 

Strawberry and Lychee
fruit shake
The rest of our wait wasn't too painful, and it was definitely worth it for the quality of food that we ate.

Strawberry fruit shake
Lychee fruit shake
Strawberry and lychee fruit shake

As soon as we sat down, a waitress came over and asked if we wanted some drinks to start. ShoeFairy mentioned the shakes were good, and so we each tried one. There were too many options for me to choose from (I was wondering what a mix of durian and custard apple would taste like), so I took the waitress' advice and went with the strawberry and lychee. I think I got the best of the bunch, so props to that waitress. 

Laos style sausages
Panang curry with prawn
Pad see ew with beef
Hot 'n' sour vermicelli with mixed seafood

The sausages, our 'appetiser' was an explosion of flavour, with bursts of spice and heat. Thankfully I had my trusty shake to cool my mouth. The texture of the sausage was surprisingly soft and the meat melted in your mouth. 

Next on my tasting list was the panang curry. You're able to choose the level of spice that you want in each of their curries, and boy kindly only got medium so that I could partake in the dish with him. I'm so glad he did, because this was probably my favourite savoury dish that we ordered. Mmmmm.

The ShoeFairy, having been here before, already had her favourite dish picked out and so knew she wanted the vermicelli with seafood. As you unpack the dish you find quite large and generous portions of seafood among the freshness of the mint, lettuce, coriander and lime juice.

Lastly, I ordered the pad see ew, so that I could have a dish that I know well, to see how it compared to other restaurants. Holy Basil came out on top, with my old favourite reaching new heights of tender juicy meat in perfect proportion to noodles and greens. As an added bonus, sprinkled on top were morsels of fried crispiness which added great texture to each mouthful.

Then of course, came the ice cream. Surprisingly light (it didn't take up much room in my dessert stomach), the crispy filo pastry broke away to reveal only slightly oozing ice cream. Hiding underneath were slivers of toasted (and I think caramelised) coconut and a hint of glace cherries. The caramel (butterscotch?) sauce brought it all together in a mouth-watering harmony. we ordered two for the three of us, and that was a good amount. However, considering the rate we inhaled them, I'm pretty sure we could've eaten double that amount, no problem. 

Boy's already chosen what we're ordering next time we go, so I think he liked it! For those not in the South-West (or not willing to trek there), a new Holy Basil has opened in the city, although I think the ambience is probably better at the Canley Heights one.

Holy Basil
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