Friday, November 18, 2011

New Shanghai, Lemon Grove, Chatswood

Sister dear and I were due a catch up, and New Shanghai was the chosen location. Well, technically, Ryos at Crows Nest was, but somehow we ended up at New Shanghai instead. It might have something to do with the fact that I've been meaning to go to the Lemon Grove arm of New Shanghai for ages, since boy and I had been in dumpling heaven at the Ashfield restaurant.

Braised beef noodle soup
Xiao long bao

The soup came out steaming, with melt-in-your-mouth beef that was falling apart among the noodle soup. As the aroma of Chinese five spice floated up from the soup the camera was left, forgotten in my bag, while we chatted and caught up. I had completely forgotten about you, dear friends. Apologies abound! However, as enjoyable as the soup was, visits to New Shanghai are all about these little babies...

Xiao Long Bao

The xiao long bao were all that they should be... their thin wrappers encasing morsels of tasty meat and divine broth. If only there were more of us! We couldn't manage room for pan fried dumplings as well, but from a previous visit I can assure you they are well worthwhile.

What we did have room for was fried ice cream, but there we were disappointed. The waitstaff told us that there was none available. Alas! A trip across the mall to gelatissimo would have to suffice. 

All-in-all a great lunch. The waitstaff at Chatswood are way better than their Ashfield counterparts, and the restaurant is nicer. Next time I'll have to bring more people with me in order to gain a broader view of their menu!

New Shanghai
Lemon Grove Shopping Centre
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