Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chiswick Pizzeria, Chiswick

After a crazy week at work I was in need of a day of rest (referred to in my world as a 'blob day'). Being intent on blobbing, I neglected to leave the house in search of dinner ingredients which conveniently led to the need to eat out. Thankfully, boy ignored the fact that I had clearly manufactured the situation in my favour, and agreed to an outing to Chiswick Pizzeria with a 25% off Entertainment book voucher in hand.

It's amazing what a difference your first greeting in a restaurant makes to diners, and it's not something that you think about until it's not there. We arrived at what was obviously a busy time, but the lack of eye contact from any of the five staff in view within a reasonable time-frame was noted, and so we were perhaps more aware of where service was lacking from then on, rather than being able to focus on the positives.
Veal Ragu with penne
Garlic bread
Veal Ragu with penne
Pepperoni pizza

The garlic bread was tasty, but not what it once was when we previously got delivery. The pizza, however, was better. The base was thinner and crispier, however, both boy and I noticed something was lacking in the flavour department. It was good, but not great, and with Amoretti's down the street pumping out great, the improvements in Chiswick Pizzeria's pizza haven't quite hit the mark yet.

The pasta was hearty and enjoyable. The penne was right on al dente, and the veal was falling apart when my fork cut into it. The only slight change I would make, if I was in charge of the kitchen, would be to decrease the salt content in the dish.

The kitchen staff definitely have their act together. They have a good system, and are willing to have their work on display, as the kitchen is open to half the restaurant. What lets this place down is the nonchalance of the waitstaff. The girls who were working when we were there lacked the proactive nature necessary in customer service, instead just going through the motions. This may not dissuade the locals who have little option in the way of restaurants within walking-distance, but may decrease their repeat business from those who come from further away.

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Vikki @ She Has Cute Shoes! said...

I really wish I ate pizza and pasta. Even though you were "meh" about it. I still am sitting here going "Mmmmmm"


Anonymous said...

how was the tiramisu? you didnt mention it in your review?

Mary @ beyondjelly said...

Yeah - I think I'd figured I'd been negative enough already. The tiramisu came out in a takeaway container with a spoon. From memory it was fine, but nothing note-worthy.