Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jimbaran, Randwick

The entire Jelly clan got together recently to celebrate a birthday, and Jimbaran was the chosen location. Since Boofhead (a term of endearment, of course!) is the knowledgeable one regarding Indonesian food and has previously eaten at Jimbaran, we left the ordering to him. At least, that's what we told him before I requested we get the deep fried bread (#1 on the menu), and my sister asked for the Ayam Sereh (lemongrass chicken). The rest we left in his capable hands.

White bait fish cake

Deep fried bread with chicken mince and prawn (#1)
White bait fish cake (#5)
Fresh Spring Roll with sweet turnip and dried shrimp (#7)

Each of these dishes came with their own dipping sauce, and boy loved how well the sauces matched each dish. Of the three, the 'bread' was my favourite. It reminded me of the deep fried bread we used to be able to get in Northern China for breakfast(?!) but with an awesome filling that made the Chinese bread pale in comparison. Jello (Boof's girlfriend) also enjoyed the bread and complimented my choice. I knew I liked her!

The fish cake was also good, but the excited 'yum's from parts of the table grew louder with the spring roll. I'm not quite sure if this was purely due to the taste of the rolls, or if the Jelly Clan had just had enough fried goodness and were clambering for something fresh.

Deep fried snapper
Deep fried snapper with sweet and sour sauce
Beef Rendang
Ayam Sereh
Kangkung Cah Trasi / Taoco (Morning Glory with soya bean)

I've got to hand it to Boof. He knows how to order. The snapper (#66) had juicy flesh and a more-ish sauce. Our vegetable dish, the morning glory, was alright, but didn't seem particulary special to me, and seemed expensive ($15.90) for a vegetable dish, particularly a vegetable I've grown up knowing as a weed.

Beef rendang
The winner of the night, hands down, was the beef rendang. Boof had sensibly ordered two for the table, and the melt-in-your-mouth meat from each dish was devoured. This would have to be a dish that is now on my highly recommended list. Yum!

All in all a really nice evening. The ambience at Jimbaran is cozy and they're obviously a popular spot. The staff coped incredibly well with our excitable table and were accommodating and friendly.

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excusemewaiter said...

ooh that beef rendang looks delicious! must try next time i'm around randwick.